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We want to help maximize and streamline your administrative searches. Schedule a consultation with one of our consultants so we can determine what your educational organization needs.

Our firm conducts a limited number of searches each year to avoid any conflicts of interest.  Contact us to see if we can serve as your search firm.

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Ask our clients what made them choose us and you’re likely to get many different answers. There’s one thing they’ll all agree on though; we deliver outstanding results in record time.

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Administrative  Search Consulting

Baker and Rastovski Schools Services is a Nebraska educational leadership consulting group.  One area of expertise is  conducting searches for educational leaders.  We represent Boards of Educational exclusively.  That is we do not take on multiple searches at the same time to avoid any conflict of interest.

Additionally, we are also reserving time now for school board workshops or school district assistance on such topics as strategic planning, board/superintendent relationships, school finance, superintendent evaluations, and bond election planning.  Contact us about services we may be able to perform for you.